Passover is a holiday so rich with stuff  (cleaning, laboring over a hot stove, horseradish, Maneschewitz, locating the silver polish, splitting seas, splitting headaches,  political arguments, eggs, oranges, and---above all--- those darned plagues),  that even after making dozens of Passover-related textiles, I've barely scratched the surface. Here's more of what I've felt compelled to make:  

(Right) "Spilled Wine and Plagues" matzoh cover.
Images suggesting plagues were cut from commercial fabric, and pieced in place around the matzoh.  Foundation-pieced pyramids are in the corners.   Plagues names, in English and Hebrew are in the wine puddles, transferred from computer to  fabric. Click on image for a closer look.



(Left) "Old Plagues on Them, New Plagues on Us."
 The more you think about the plagues, the  less friendly they seem.  Of course,there are contemporary plagues.   I revel in some of my least favorite on this  wall hanging.  Detail below. Click on large or small image for a closer look.


(Right) "Eggs and Wine" matzoh cover

Like matzoh itself, this was  made in a  hurry! The design is  freehand cut from fabric backed with fusible web. The top was machine-quilted  with gold  metallic threads. Hard-boiled eggs were my husband's last-minute idea. OK ,they came out  bigger than  he wine glasses. This is FOLK art, folks! Click on image for a closer look.


  (Right):  From Egypt to West Hartford, Connecticut, to Miami Beach: This is a matzoh cover for the Friedman family.  Prairie point pyramids are along the top; American monuments at the bottom. And all kinds of stuff is in between! (Plagues, 10 Commandments, the family station wagon, etc.) Click for a closer look.    

(Above) Pokemon Protest March to Freedom matzoh cover:
Gotta Free 'em All! Click on image for a closer look.


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