I hate cooking chicken. I like cooking matzoh balls.
But do you want to know what I really
love to cook up for Pesach?


(Above) A heavily quilted matzoh cover. I pieced the star from matzoh fabric, using the 'Magic Star- 6' (TM) Tool ,  and appliqued it to a white background. The word matzoh, in Hebrew, is quilted at  the sides. Click image for a better view.
(c)2000, Cathy Perlmutter.





There is no matzoh in any of these pictures. What you're looking at, in these  quilted items,   as well as the background of this page,  is a fabric that, on the bolt,  looks a heck of a lot like matzoh.  You'll wind up with a matzoh cover so realistic your guests may try to  slather it with charoset! (I buy this fabric from the company 1800Dreidel---and so can you---see 'Resources')  

Simple hand quilted matzoh cover.
 (c)1999, Cathy Perlmutter. 
A Passover pillow. Click  image to enlarge.
(c)2000, Cathy Perlmutter
Round matzoh cover, made using a simple fabric  mosaic technique.(Blue fabric was backed with fusible web, then cut into shapes  and applied). Click image to enlarge.
In Wisconsin, they're proud to be cheese heads. At Passover in our house, we are  Matzoh Ball Heads!   More kippot.

I love the commercial matzoh fabric, because the trompe l'oeil is so effective.  But there's no reason you can't make your own matzoh fabric. Here are some approaches to try:
  •  For a black and white matzoh cover, I used a  square of  off-white shirting fabric, with a design that alternated rows of dots with stripes. I machine quilted up and down the stripes. It made an abstract matzoh. Look over striped fabrics at your fabric store 'til you find one that says "matzoh" to you.
  •  Combining decorative stitches, against a plain fabric, can create a matzoh look. For one matzoh cover, I alternated rows of a straight stitch with rows of a three-step zig zag. It created a texture and look that was also like a matzoh.
  •  If you have a scanner, you can scan real matzoh and transfer it onto either fabric heat transfer paper or fabric which has been treated with a product called Bubble Jet Set. (See details on my Resource Page). Then, texture as described above.

Where to buy Matzoh Fabric (Not from me!)
Passover Page Two: Beyond Quilted Matzoh


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