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(Right) The wedding's in a month? You gotta make a huppa pronto? Then this is your project. How easy was this quilt to make? Ridiculously  easy. I picked two fabrics, then  followed the directions in Bethany Reynolds' book,  'Stack and Whack!' (See 'Weddings':   and 'Six Pointed Stars'.) (the border is my own touch).  
And speaking of matzoh.... I tend to make  quilts the way our ancestors made unleavened bread--fast!    Whenever possible, I use intuition, improvisation,  simple techniques, rotary cutters, self-healing mats, strip piecing, and above all, pedal to the metal action (in other words, a sewing machine).  I have two young kids! I have a day job! I'm impatient!  So sue me! (Just kidding, please don't sue me: Email me!)
Welcome to all!  I hope this page will become a useful resource.  The  focus: How to use today's easiest, fastest, most exciting, and fun quilting techniques to create  meaningful, beautiful, and fun Judaica, from kippot (hats) to huppot (wedding canopies), and much more (see Table of Contents, below left).   
  My name is Cathy, and I am a Jewish quiltaholic and fabriholic.  I designed  this site to help people with similar compulsions. Along with project information and inspiration,  I hope it will help you locate hard-to-find Jewish-themed quilt information and quilt patterns;   quilting books with no overt Jewish intentions but which are great for making six-pointed stars,  and other spiritually uplifting designs; inspiring Jewish history, religion, art, and craft books.  Plus,   information about where to buy Jewish-themed fabric, and potentially Jewish fabric ( I define the latter as any fabric which lacks recognizable images of Santa Claus!), embellishments, and supplies for Jewish ritual items.   Also, information about tools that maximize accuracy and fun, and minimize tedium. I don't sell any of these things, or own stock in any of these companies.  My quilting partner, Sue, and I  teach workshops, and  make quilts on commission, so if you're interested,  please inquire by emailing me at
(above and below) Log's a quaint, unevenly   ventilated  historic American dwelling.... .it's also a really fun and simple quilt piecing technique that can produces a neat faux challah!. Click on images  for a closer look. 
(Above)Sushi huppah, center.. Click on image for a closer look.  See Weddings for a full view (and explanation)  of this quilt, and  information on huppa-making; see  Resource Page, Tools and Gadgets, Doheney Rulers for tools to make complex circles and stars like these easily. 

            The Happy Huppa (hupa, huppah, chupa, chuppa, chuppah---heck, a wedding canopy!) How and why yours should be a quilt. 
           Poles, Frames, and/or four strong friends.
           Chuppa in a Churry
Group Huppa

PASSOVER, Page 1: Quilted Matzoh           Matzoh covers, pillows,  afikomen bags, kippot, and more, featuring 'Quilted Matzoh.'
           How to Texture Matzoh Fabric
           Make Your Own Matzoh Fabric

PASSOVER, Page 2: Beyond Quilted Matzoh.
          Lots more fun and thought-provoking stuff for Pesach
           How to make a matzoh cover that turns  into a matzoh plate (or vice versa).

KIPPOT (aka yarmulka,skullcap, hat, headcovering, little Jewish beanie)
            Four-Sided                Six-Sided
           Necktie Kippot           Ribbon Kippot
Basic Kippah Instructions and Free Patterms 

            Challah Covers and more

         TALLIT (Prayer scarves)
            Atarah (Decorative collar)
            Tallit bag


          BAR and BAT MITZVAH 
Group Projects

Six-Pointed Stars
            Six Pointed Stars from Squares
             Stained Glass Quilts and Mosaic Quilts

            September 11, 2001


             Jewish-themed Fabric
             General Fabric Fabric
             Ritual Items
           BOOK SHOPPING
             Jewish Quilting and Needlework Books
             General Quilting Books
             Quilt books for Beginners
             Where to shop for  out-of-print  books 
  Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's Huppa! These wedding guests were checking to make sure I really eliminated  all traces of ebi .  (click for a larger view).   Detail below right. See Weddings for more information about making huppot.
The Pokemon saga  is not real big on social justice (in my humble opinion---certain 6-year-olds vociferously  disagree.)  This detail from a matzoh cover was my protest. Click for a view of the whole thing.
(above) Semi-Amish Dreidels.  Amish refers to the colors. The buttons are the Jewish part (also, the dreidels,the hannukiah's,  the Hebrew letters quilted onto each dreidel, etc.) Click image for a closer look.
(above) Spilled Wine and Plagues matzoh cover.  Includes  foundation piecing,  broderie perse and  applique, photo transfer, and  lots of machine embroidery with metallic threads. 
(Abovet) Gevalt. It's a yarmulke!  See Kippot page for more ideas and instructions .
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I hope this page will serve as an inspiration and resource. If designs presented here are used as inspiration for personal quilting, I'd love to see a photo of your finished product! All original designs appearing here are copyrighted (c) Cathy Perlmutter 1995-2001, unless otherwise stated. Please, no use of these designs for any sales purpose  without written permission. Charitable groups need not ask permission (but I'd still enjoy seeing  your results!)

September 11, 2001.
What do we do? 
  Quilting offers is a uniquely powerful way to grieve; and to heal, and. sometimes, help others do the same. 
   So I made some pages with some thoughts:
Quilting and Grieving.
Quilts from Clothing
Hannukah 2001 Banner Pattern (See picture, above)

(left) Banner for Hannukah, 2001
Hanukkah is a holiday about intolerance---by enemies of Jews, and sometimes by Jews ourselves. It's about achieving freedom, and about perceiving the light in the darkest times.  This is a somber year for adults, but we want Hannukkah 2001 to be a joyful holiday for our children. Designing the banner on my EQ4 program helped me work through some of these feelings.   It's worth celebrating the freedom that Jews---and people of all faiths and colors---have achieved in this land--- and are trying to achieve, around the world.